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Lack of oral hygiene can lead to many issues like bad breath, cavities, gingivitis and other severe issues like loosening of teeth and even oral cancer. For the proper diagnosis of the oral disease and treatment, you need to consult a dentist and a best dentist tries to ease the problem. Here is a list of some of the best dentists in India.

  1. Dr. Ritika Malhotra:

She is having an experience of 13 years and currently practising in Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, Delhi NCR. She is a periodontist and also worked in Apollo hospital, Columbia Asia and Axiss dental hospital.

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  1. Dr. Aman Popli:

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He is having an experience of 32 years and is one of the best prosthodontists and amongst top 10 dentists in India. He is currently practicing in  Max hospital chains in Gurugram and Delhi.

  1. Dr. Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna:

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She has 11 years of experience and is currently practicing in Medanta hospital in Gurugram and Delhi. She is one of the best prosthodontists and endodontists in India.

  1. Dr. Sarika Chaudhary Solanki:

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She has 17 years of experience and is currently practising in Venkateshwar hospital in Dwarka. She has also worked in Safdarjung hospital and Maulana Azad college of dental sciences.

So these are some best dentists in India. Always consult the doctor if you feel any dental issue.

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