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Oral hygiene means to keep the teeth, gums and mouth clean. White teeth are like pearls which shine when you say cheese while clicking the photograph. If you do not keep the oral cavity clean, then you won’t be able to say cheese and this indicates bad oral health with pale teeth, foul smell from mouth and may be some gum problems. All these issues lead to many other health issues so oral hygiene is most important. So we will share some best tips for oral hygiene.

  1. Brush your mouth daily and properly:

You do not have to just brush your teeth, you should brush your mouth as it includes teeth, tongue, gums and upper palate which should be cleaned regularly. So wash your mouth properly after the last meal of the day for a healthy oral cavity. Try to keep the brush at 45 degrees angle so that it can clean the gums and teeth properly. After finishing the back and forth cleaning, do the up and down movements on the teeth gently. Clean your tongue also as it contains bacteria which cause bad breath.

  1. Floss daily:

Flossing is compulsory for oral health as brushing doesn’t help in removing the residues from the gaps between the teeth. So for that purpose flossing is helpful. It helps in cleaning the gaps between the teeth and contributes in complete cleaning. It goes in the small gaps very well and maintains the oral hygiene. Make it a habit to do flossing every day at night.

  1. Teeth friendly foods:

One of the best tips for Oral hygiene is foods which have a high impact on oral health. If you have acidic food, then it increases the growth of the bacteria in the mouth which breaks down the enamel and loosen the teeth. So you should have low acidic foods. Sugar content should be low as it is acidic in nature. Eat nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables which helps in strengthening the teeth and maintain the oral health as well.

  1. No to sodas, alcohol and alcohol tobacco:

Soda and alcohol have high phosphorus content. Phosphorus is good for health but in large amounts it is helpful as it depletes the calcium level which results in tooth decay. Smoking also impacts oral health badly as it increases the chances of oral cancer because of its tobacco content.

  1. Visit dentist regularly:

In Spite of following all the above practices, there are some problems which you cannot find or deal with, so it is important to visit your dentist regularly for oral health checkup.

These are some best tips for Oral hygiene which you should follow regularly at home to maintain good oral health. Teeth are precious, take care of them.

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