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There are many dental problems which can be caused easily due to the lack of personal hygiene. But if you take care of a few things like brush two times daily, daily flossing, healthy diet, regular cleaning, etc then you can prevent them. Here is a list of some common oral diseases.

  1. Bad breath:

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Bad breath is also known as halitosis which is usually caused due to various dental problems. You can say it is like a symptom which is quite embarrassing. Problems like gum diseases, cavities, bacteria on the tongue can cause bad breath.

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  1. Tooth decay:

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It is also known as cavities which is caused due to lack of oral hygiene, eating more sugary foods and drinks. It happens due to the combination of plaque and sugar which forma acid that attacks the tooth enamel. It can prevent by two times brushing, daily flossing and avoid sugary foods.

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  1. Gum diseases:

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Gum diseases occur due to the infection around the gums and causes teeth loosening, inflammation and bleeding gums. Regular dental check ups, regular brushing and flossing keeps gum problems away.

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  1. Oral cancer:

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It is the deadly disease which is caused due to tobacco, smoking and sometimes HPV. Symptoms are sores, lumps and rough areas in the mouth. If you feel any difficulty in chewing, eating, swallowing etc, consult the doctor immediately.

So these are the common oral diseases which you should prevent by adopting healthy eating and hygiene habits.

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