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Teeth are the beauty enhancer of the face. These are like pearls and indeed very precious like pearls as once you lose them, you cannot get them back naturally. You need to pay a heavy amount for artificial teeth set for you. Teeth have the strongest material called enamel which is made up of minerals, phosphates and calcium. With age, demineralization starts which weekend the roots of the teeth and they decay. However, with the healthy lifestyles you can stop demineralization and activate remineralization. Let us see how to strengthen teeth.

  1. Regular brushing:

There is a bacteria known as streptococcus mutans which enters into our mouth through food and drink. If you don’t brush regularly, then this bacteria gets deposited in the cavities of the teeth and produces bad odour. Brushing at least 2 times a day helps in reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Brushing after the last meal of the day is necessary for healthy teeth and gums.

  1. Cut out sugar:

If your dentists suggested you cut out the sugar from your diet then it is for your benefit as the sugar is acidic in nature and when it reacts with the bacteria in the mouth which breaks down the tooth enamel which is like a protecting covering for the tooth. Too much sugar consumption can lead to tooth decaying.

  1. Chew sugarless gum:

Another way to strengthen teeth is sugarless chewing gum which helps in remineralization. It helps in removing bacteria, carbs, sugar and plaque. Chewing gum helps in the secretion of saliva which contains good bacteria for the mouth. Chewing gum is also good for the gums. It increases the blood circulation to the gums and it is a good exercise as well for gums.

  1. More calcium and vitamins:

Naturally, our teeth are made up of calcium and minerals but with age the demineralization follows. So it is essential to take a diet which is full of calcium, minerals and vitamins. You can take multivitamins and calcium supplements but you should consult the doctor first before taking these. 

  1. Decrease dairy product consumption:

Dairy products like milk, paneer, curd, etc. can increase the acidity inside the mouth which helps in increasing the bacteria count and decays the tooth. The reason behind this is that lactose is a type of sugar and sugar is not at all good for the teeth.

This is how to strengthen teeth. Teeth are precious for you to enjoy many foods in life. Without teeth life could be difficult, so take care of them.

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