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Oral cancer is a deadly and serious disease which occurs mainly because of tobacco and smoking. It can be of lips, mouth, tongue, gums, floor of mouth, top of mouth or cheeks of mouth. Let us check out the symptoms of oral cancer.

  1. A patch:

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like? 5 Pictures of Mouth Cancer

The cell lining of the mouth is of squamous cells and the oral cancer begins mainly in these cells. During the initial stages of oral cancer, a patch appears on the mouth skin which should be diagnosed.

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like? 5 Pictures of Mouth Cancer

  1. Red and white patches:

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The condition of mixed red and white patches is known as erythroleukoplakia in which abnormal cell growth takes place and this is carcinogenic. If you see any patches inside your mouth then you should consult the doctor as during initial stages of cancer you will feel no pain. So you should ignore the visibility of these patches inside your mouth.

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  1. Sores on your tongue:

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Generally patches appear anywhere in the mouth, but mainly it appears on the lower side of the mouth below your tongue and on the gum line behind the teeth. It is advisable to examine the mouth properly at least once in a month to avoid any risks.

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So these are the main symptoms of oral cancer which you should not ignore at all.

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