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Dental implants are used to restore the missing tooth or damaged tooth. It helps in improvement of the look and functionality of the tooth and retaining the original structure. Basically there are three parts of a dental implant:

Implant which is a small titanium post and integrates with the jawbone for the replacement of the missing or damaged tooth.

Abutment is used to hold the post and crown together.

Crown is the upper part of the implant which replaces the missing or damaged tooth and it is made up of different types of materials.

Now let us talk about some truth about dental implants.

  1. Aesthetics and comfort:

Dental implants are durable, of high strength, natural looking and comfortable. As it replaces the tooth from root to crown, therefore it is very stable and properly fitted, so gives full comfort. It is one of the best permanent solutions to replace the tooth. There is no risk of slippage or anything and you can smile confidently after having a dental implant.

  1. Long lasting and reliable:

Dental implants are made up of strong materials like zirconia, titanium, porcelain, etc which make them strong and long lasting. They can bear full biting forces of teeth and gums. They cannot decay easily and if you maintain properly, they can last for decades.

  1. High success rate:

It has been seen that dental implants have a high success rate of up to 98% which makes it more demandable and best option for the tooth replacement. There are different technologies used for the diagnosis and treatment of the dental implant treatment. This is the important truth about dental implants.

  1. Easy chewing and eating:

There are no restrictions over eating after having dental implants. They are designed in such a  way that they help in improved ability of eating and chewing and do not cause any issue while eating food. So you can eat whatever you want freely. You just need to maintain the daily care routine to enhance their life.

  1. Retains facial structure:

After losing teeth or teeth, the facial structure gets disturbed which affects the confidence. Dental implants help in retaining the facial structure and makes a healthy foundation for jawline, gums and teeth. This is the only restoration technique which helps in retaining the bone and facial structure and that is the reasons which makes it one of the best options for tooth replacement.

So these are some truth about dental implants which are enough to convince you to go for it.

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